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Chief Internet Marketer, an industry leader in digital marketing for nearly 15 years understands that many professionals have the skills and need recognition of their Authority. What a better way than to say you are a certified Chief Internet Marketer.

Badges begin at $99/year for full license use

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CIM Certifications work on the HONOR SYSTEM and YOU take an OATH by purchasing the badge that YOU are who you say YOU are and what YOU say is YOUR WORD!

To be CIM Certified you must:

  • Have three years of dedicated digital marketing experience

  • Have the supporting educational discipline and credentials

  • Have a commitment to better the industry every day

  • Have a commitment to continued education in the industry

  • Love what you do and do your best always

  • Do what is right every time!

    If you are good, then let's get this done and get you on your way to a better future in the digital marketing industry!

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